Renew 3×60 – A revolutionary approach to complete Skin Rejuvenation

This video describes how Renew 3×60 is engineered to help you achieve complete skin rejuvenation.  Our state-of-the-art approach combines 4 technologies into a three-treatment regimen that smooths and tightens skin, promotes collagen growth, and evens out skin tone as seen in the video below.


Patient Video Testimonials

In this video several patients share their experiences and satisfaction from being treated by Dr. Ghohestani and his staff. At the Texas Institute of Dermatology, we want you to feel that your needs and desires have been met in a timely manner. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust.


A Patient’s video testimony about Renew 3×60

This video shows a patient sharing some of her experiences with Renew 3×60 and how it helped her achieve the look she desired.


Video Testimonial: Laser Hair Removal – Painless

In this video you will see the story of a patient who had sought Laser Hair Removal previously was disturbed by the amount of pain she felt. She came to our office to try our virtually pain-free technology and was surprised at how satisfied she was.


Interview with an actual patient

This video describes a patient whose previous treatment plan wasn’t producing the desired results.  After meeting with our renowned dermatologist, this patient was able to see drastic improvements at a fraction of the cost.


Fast Results

In this video a patient with Acne talks about her experience after treatment in TXID San Antonio Acne clinic by Dr Ghohestani.